February 14, 2020

February 4, 2020

"I have lived here since 1976 and have used many mechanics and shops over the years. I generally use shops near me and I have to pass a few shops in order to reach Mousa's. Over the last couple of repairs my most recent choice of a very reliable and trustworthy shop with ASE certified mechanics that I have spent thousand's of dollars with would charge $100.00 to computer diagnose and pinpoint the issue with your car. They would deduct this charge if you had the vehicle repaired with them. Recently they stopped this policy and the charge was not deducted. When my car began misfiring lately I suspected a vacuum leak but could not find it. I called around looking for an old fashioned shop that could diagnose my issue without the need of the higher tech computer hookup since it's a 19 year old car. Mousa's answered saying to bring in the car and they would diagnose the issue and provide a free estimate. ( I had gone to my local O'Reilly's Auto Parts for a new battery last week and they pulled up the Failure code for the service engine soon light as PO171 - Lean Bank 1 - could be an Oxygen sensor they said) When I went in to Mousa's the mechanic ( Wail ) asked me what it was doing, hooked my car up to the OBD2 reader and pulled up the same code, he asked me to start the car, put his head under the hood placed his hand on the manifold tilted his head so his ear was to the manifold - listening, after about 45 seconds he said it sounds like a vacuum leak. I said that's what I think! It was Friday afternoon so I told them I could bring the car back on Monday and leave it so he could find it. When I arrived on Monday morning Wail quickly found the leak while I was waiting It was simply a missing rubber cap on an un-used port hiding behind a mass of wiring and hoses. The old car is back up to speed, no chugging rough idling or excessive gas consumption..and no 100 dollar diagnostic fee! Thanks Wail and Tarek... I'll be back for the Safety Inspection...Emissions test...Oil Change..fuel filter.....radiator flush...... I do try to keep the old car well maintained."
January 9, 2020

"Excellent service. Fast and precise. Car looks like new! Treats me like family. Only place I will ever use."
December 21, 2019

"had them fix my car and it was excellent."
October 19, 2019

"The mechanic showed me the issue and didn't try to do anything extra. Good honest people here."